Real Estate License Parking

When licensed in the state of California, real estate agents have 3 license status choices:

1) Place your license with the DRE as NBA - No Broker Affiliation.

(When listed as NBA you cannot practice real estate or collect referral fees)

2) Join a local board and pay CAR, NAR, and Local Board association fees.

3) Park your Real Estate License - which enables you to avoid paying CAR, NAR, and Local Board association fees and still remain active.

As a CURB member you have access to our exclusive "Real Estate License Parking” program. The License Parking Program enables you to avoid paying:

• Local Board fees 

• CAR (California Association of Realtors) fees

• NAR (National Association of Realtors) fees

parking 4.jpg

To take advantage of this program, just click the Subscribe button below. Only $29 monthly fee.

Do not worry about the CAR & NAR association paperwork, we will process all that for you as well.