100% Commission Real Estate Trinity County California

Trinity County (founded in 1850), is one of 58 counties in the US state of California. In 2010, the county had a population of 13,786. The county seat is Weaverville.

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Trinity County was one of the founding counties of California in

1850. Parts of it were ceded to Klamath County in 1852 and

Humboldt County in 1853. Klamath County was dissolved again

in 1876 due to corruption and extensive electoral fraud.

Its name is the county of the Trinity River, which in turn was

named in 1845 by Major Pearson B. Messwert, who had the erroneous impression that the stream would flow into the Trinidad Bay.

A total of 4 buildings and sites of the counties are registered in the National Register of Historic Places.


According to the Census Bureau, the county has a total area of ​​8,308.7 km²; of which 8,233.6 km² is land and 75.1 km² (0.90%) is water.

Adjacent counties

  • Siskiyou County (North)

  • Shasta County (East)

  • Tehama County (Southeast)

  • Mendocino County (South)

  • Humboldt County (West)


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