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San Francisco, officially City and County of San Francisco is a city of the United States located in the State of California. Its name is commonly abbreviated to SF and the city is nicknamed The City by the Bay. San Francisco City is located at northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula, between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the San Francisco Bay to the east.

Founded in 1776 by Spaniards in the Viceroyalty of New

Spain, the city, named in honor of San Francisco de

Asís, takes its rise during the gold rush and its extension,

the embellishment of San Francisco by the millionaires

of Nevada. Then, it became the birthplace of jeans with

the founding of Levi Strauss & Co. The 1950s saw the

birth of the Beat Generation. From the second half of the

20th century industry high technology develops in the

Bay Area. Today San Francisco is the most densely

populated city in the United States after New York. The

municipality - San Francisco County has 870,887

inhabitants within its administrative boundaries and more

than 7 million people live in the metropolitan area of ​​La

Baie, the fourth largest metropolis in the United States by

its population. The southern part of the latter is occupied

by the municipality of San Jose and Silicon Valley, the

first high-tech cluster the United States welcomes a large

number of world-renowned advanced technology companies like Apple, Tesla Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Google, Intel or Facebook. In the university area, it hosts the prestigious Stanford University and University of California at Berkeley. San Francisco is also home to the Wikimedia Foundation, which includes the Wikipedia project. To the north stretch the Napa Valley and the Sonoma Valley, Renowned for their viticulture. San Francisco is one of the leading cities in the field of ecology, and sustainable development.

San Francisco is located on the west coast of the United States in the state of California. The city is located on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula. It is surrounded to the east by the waters of San Francisco Bay, to the north by the Straits of the Golden Gate and west by the Pacific Ocean. Several bridges connect the city to the shores of the bay: the most famous are the Golden Gate Bridge (northwest) and the Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Oakland to the east.

Several islands belong to the San Francisco Commune (Alcatraz Island  : Treasure Island , Yerba Buena Island), as well as small areas of Angel Island and Red Rock Island , near the RichmondSan Rafael Bridge. The Farallon Islands, located in the Pacific Ocean 43 km northwest of the coast, are administratively dependent on the municipality, but are not inhabited and serve as a nature reserve.

The municipality of San Francisco is roughly in a square about 11 km in side, but it is actually slightly smaller. According to the US Census Bureau, the city covers 600.4 km², of which 120.9 km² is land and 479.7 km² of water surface. Water thus occupies 79.869% of the total area.

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